How can we help You & Your Child Today?

As parents, we all just want the best for our kids. But often there’s a stigma in asking for help. Sometimes we might feel guilty that we can’t navigate these issues on our own, or sometimes we just don’t know where to go for help. Google can become your best friend, but soon too much information can become overpowering. 

Here at The Child Psychology Service we know it can be tough when things don’t go to plan and we know that when you come to us you may feel overwhelmed or confused and just want practical support from people who can help. 

Working together with you, we form the perfect team to help you work out the next steps

What to expect

Regardless of the issue you face the first appointment is just for the adults and focuses on a comprehensive discussion around the current concerns. This usually takes between 45- 60 minutes. At the end of this session we come up with a plan together.  Because each assessment is tailored to you it is hard to say what this plan might look like. 

This could be 4- 6 sessions with a psychologist focusing on a particular issue, a number of consultations with the adults involved, or observations and meetings in school (with your permission) to put together a support program across home and school. It’s all up for discussion and put together to specifically suit you and your child.

If any safety concerns are raised in this discussion, for example you are worried about your child harming themselves or of them being at risk of harm, a plan will be put in place to manage these issues from the start. We work with a number of different agencies that can also offer support.

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