Workshops and events for parents & teachers

Sometimes we work better together. Learning together in a workshop means you can benefit from our knowledge and the experiences of others in the group.

You might be a parent or carer looking for a workshop, or a group of like-minded parents looking for answers to the same questions.

We also provide workshops for teachers and health professionals.

We’re child psychologists who’re also experienced training developers and facilitators. Our skill is the ability to take current findings from research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience and put them into an easy-to-understand, practical workshops that match your need

We’ve recently been able to share knowledge and practical strategies on these topics

– Trauma sensitive learning spaces

-Embedding brain education and emotional regulation into the curriculum

-Dealing with ‘big feelings’/facilitating emotional regulation

– Parenting/teaching for a digital age

– Parenting/teaching in the age of anxiety

– Nurturing resilience

– Mindfulness for kids

-Cultivating hope as the key to future focussed education

This is not exhaustive, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What you get from our workshop sessions:

  • Training and workshops sessions for up to 30 people
  • All materials included
  • Training is tailored to your context and requirements
  • You can host and sell tickets to other organisations to cover costs

Please get in touch with us to discuss what you might need and how we may help.

Give us a call to talk about providing a workshop to meet your specific needs

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