Parenting Support

Parenting is a critically important, 24 hour a day job and it can be easy to become overwhelmed and feel lost.

Having some extra practical tools in your parenting toolbox can make all the difference to how your family manages interesting times. 

It may be different strategies, resources, implementing routines, staying calm and parenting gently but with authority. We work with you to assess what you can realistically manage and how to work this into your daily life to make things seem more manageable.

How we work with You

At your first session

We’ll meet without your child present. This gives you the freedom to talk with us about the problems or concerns you have about their learning and development.

From this, together, we’ll work out a practical, do-able plan to help you all get back on track.

For some issues this may be all you need to get you going. For more complex concerns we’ll decide on a plan of on-going support to give you more support.

On-going support sessions

may be scheduled after your first appointment. In these sessions together we’ll focus on specific outcomes we talked through in the first appointment. We may schedule 4-6 sessions to give you on-going support and tweak your action plan.

Workshops & Groups

Sharing experiences with others can be another way to learn strategies to help our kids. We offer a range of workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs.  Maybe you and your friends are going through similar experiences get in touch and we can arrange somethings especially for you.

Support For You Details

First session:

50 minutes $190.00+GST ($218.50 inc GST)

On-going support session:

50 minutes $190.00+GST  ($218.50 inc GST)

3 Simple Steps to work with us

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