School-wide and Professional Support

Our highly experienced team are skilled at offering support to strengthen your whole school system. We partner with you, both strategically and practically,  to explore and build upon your school’s strengths, increase capacity and enhance staff wellbeing.

We strongly believe that when you work in this top down and, largely preventative manner, you strengthen outcomes for EVERY child and staff member.

This is hugely important during COVID-19 when anxieties can be high and priorities have shifted. We can work with you to develop your response, as well as other support needs your tamariki may face.

We are currently working with schools funded through the COVID-19 Urgent Response Funding.

We’re also skilled at offering supervision to all members of the senior leadership team, teachers, teacher aides, RTLBs and psychologists.

Professional supervision is essential for ethical and safe professional practice. Supervision also gives you a chance to think about and explore your feelings around your work in a non-judgmental, safe relationship.

Supervision with one of the team at The Child Psychology Service can have many benefits, including enhanced workplace well-being and higher workplace productivity. This can result in lower staff turnover, and higher degree of job satisfaction

How we work with you:

School-Wide  partnership support varies depending on your school’s individual needs. Ultimately, we help to target provision aimed at strengthening both academic and wellbeing outcomes for the whole school community.

Professional Supervision is a confidential relationship in which you have regular meetings with an independent person with training, skills, and knowledge to help you to reflect on your work practice. It is an interactive process, you get out of it what you put into it.

School-wide and Professional Support Details:


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