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You might be concerned about how your child’s managing at school with their special needs learning. Or maybe the school or daycare has talked to you about your child’s behaviour or Learning Support needs. Whether they’re at pre-school, primary, intermediate, or college – you’re in the right place for Supporting students with special needs.

This can be a stressful time for you all, so we’ll work with you to find out what’s really going on, and help you move forward with a clear, practical plan for learning support.

Our experienced child psychologists can provide recommendations and strategies to support children who have learning differences like dyslexia, who are neurodivergent and have ADHD, or who are gifted, or autistic

Our educational psychologists also undertake standardised assessments and follow up with cohesive and practical recommendations which give a clear indication of how to support your child’s special needs learning best, or for Special Assessment Conditions at exams.

We can visit you at home and look at how your child is at school, observing their Learning Support in action. We’ll meet with teachers and other adults or health professionals who may be involved in Supporting students with special needs. Seeing your child in their different places gives our team of psychologists a great picture of what’s really going on.

How we work with you

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At your first session

We’ll meet without your child present. This gives you the freedom to talk about the problems or concerns you have about their learning and development.

From this, together, we’ll work out a practical, do-able plan to help you all get back on track.

For some issues this may be all you need to get you going. For more complex concerns we’ll decide on a plan of on-going sessions to give you more support.

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On-going support Sessions

These may be scheduled after your first appointment. In these sessions, together we’ll focus on working towards those specific outcomes we talked through in your first appointment. We may schedule 4-6 sessions to give on-going support and tweak your action plan.

At these sessions the psychologist will meet with your child on their own to work through different strategies and skills that help them flourish and overcome obstacles. At the end of each meeting we’ll bring you in and update you on how it’s gone.

School or home visits

These may help us observe your child, and really get a valuable perspective on what’s happening. We all know our children can behave differently in different situations.

Seeing them in different places helps shed light on your child’s strengths and challenges, highlighting how we can help.

Written report

If you’d like a written report to outline what we’ve achieved together at the end of our time together, we’re happy to provide you with one.

Help At School Details

First session:

40-45 minutes $205.00+GST ($235.75 inc GST)

On-going support session:

40-45 minutes $205.00+GST ($235.75 inc GST)

School or home visit:

40-45 minutes $205.00+GST ($235.75 inc GST)

Formal report writing:

Hourly rate of $205.00+GST ($235.75 inc GST)

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