Nicola Adams Educational Psychologist

Nicola Adams Educational Psychologist

Nicola Adams

Nicola is an Educational Psychologist who can support children, young people, and their important adults to understand and navigate difficulties with learning, behaviour and social-emotional development.

She is passionate about finding strength-based ways to improve young people’s lived experiences and overall wellbeing.

Nicola’s approach is compassionate, person-centred, and practical. She’s a firm believer in the importance of taking small, sustainable steps toward long-term goals, and celebrating the little wins along the way.

Nicola has experience with a diverse range of clients from preschool through to high school age. She is committed to practicing in a way that makes everyone feel heard, validated, and respected, and she aligns her practice with the personal and cultural values of her clients.

BA (Psychology), BHSc (Public Health), MEdPsych, PGDipEdDevPsych.

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