Butul Iqbal Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Butul Iqbal Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Butul Iqbal

Butul grew up in West Auckland and still lives locally, now raising her own family.

As a Developmental and Educational Psychologist, she has a deep understanding of children, their families, and schools and she’s dedicated to positively impacting the children she works with.

Butul studied Psychology at Auckland University and completed her PGDip in Educational Psychology, her Master’s in Educational Psychology, and then her PGDip in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Massey University.

Since 2018, Butul has been working at the Ministry of Education and Explore Specialist Services. This means that she has gained extensive experience in behaviour, learning, and mental health, focusing on behaviour management, parenting strategies, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and supporting those with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).

Currently, Butul is finding great results using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help children with anxiety. This also suits Butul’s kind and empowering approach to supporting those she works with.

She works with children from early childhood through early teens, addressing the unique needs of each age group. She takes a holistic approach and is dedicated to making a lasting impact by conducting thorough assessments and designing interventions that support children and their families, guiding them towards healthier and more fulfilling lives.

She also loves DIY projects and enjoys helping people find what drives them, discover their strengths, and thrive—believing that every person has the potential to do so.

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